• Facebook Marketing

  • Learn Why You Need to Use Facebook Marketing

    Facebook Marketing is one of the best ways of promoting a website, a service or a business. If you want to use Facebook to promote your business, then you need to learn how to do it properly. The following are some of reasons why you need to start using Facebook to promote your business.

    Audience Insights

    Marketers usually wish that they can learn a little more about the people on their list, so they should know that Facebook has made it easier for them. There is Audience Insights that is found in the Ads Manager, and they can use it to learn more about the audience that they want to target.

    If you have more than 1,000 fans, then you can learn several things such as; how often they engage with ads and posts, their age, those who use a desktop or mobile, if they graduated from college, their relationship status. You will not get the information of each individual, but you will get the information for a group of people. This data helps in planning content and in doing Facebook Marketing.

    Learning More about Your Target Audience

    Facebook partners have collected personal data and advertisers can take advantage of this personal data. This is the information that applies to the audience that you are targeting. However, this is only available for those advertisers, who have more than 1,000 unique users.

    Some of the personal information that you will get are; online shopping habits, size of household, income bracket, what vehicle they drive and you will also know the people who are seeing your ads.

    You can use the right tools to make social marketing to be much simpler. These tools have been provided by Facebook, so it makes it easier for you to promote your business with Facebook marketing. These tools will help you in learning more about your target audience and also for getting audience insights.