• About Us

  • Founded in 2014, Leo Rose has quickly grown into a fully fledged internet marketing company with amazing reviews. The owner of the business, James Upjohn, has been an internet marketing coach, business consultant and affiliate marketer for the past 10 years. This means that at the very foundation of the business we have a wealth of knowledge relating to online business.

    James has created his own digital products, run seo membership sites and coached over 1000 business owners on how to achieve online success too.

    This company strives for perfection at an affordable rate for clients and are looking to create long term relationships with clients. Leo Rose considers each and every client a friend of the business.

    The office is always open and clients are more than welcome to drop in for a chat - James makes an amazing cup of tea too!

    Our staff understand that to keep cheques coming in we need to provide results and to work smart to ensure that clients get a quick and sustainable return on their investment.

    The Leo Rose team really look forward to working with you and hope to help you grow into a successful online business.

    Please fill in your details, to the right, if you would like to get started.

  • Over 10 years SEO experience!

    James Upjohn started his journey into SEO by working from a borrowed office desk and a second-hand laptop. Roll forward 10 years and a great deal of experience has been gained. We are also happy to say that the company now has employees and new office equipment!

  • Where did the name Leo Rose come from?

    James has 3 children. Lewis, Theo & Amelia Rose. As a family man who strives to provide for his 3 beautiful children, James wanted to include their names in the company. Leo comes from an amalgamation of Lewis & Theo and Rose should be pretty self explanatory. The company ethos is very much about building long term relationships with our clients, just as a father would with his children.